Investment approach

The Henderson investment approach is based on active fund management and the belief that rigorous analytical application to financial markets will be rewarded through superior investment returns. The talent and expertise within the investment teams is integral to generating these returns; allowing talent to shine is therefore key. High levels of support are provided with risk oversight teams assisting the managers in their decision-making and products are maintained and developed that align Henderson’s expertise with the needs of clients.

Henderson’s investment teams devise their own investment processes while sharing a common pool of resources. There is no house view and teams are structured to maximise opportunities within their respective investment universes. The teams range from smaller, more nimble sets of managers and analysts, such as those in the equities space, to larger teams with complementary units of specialism, such as fixed income. Research, resources and ideas are shared across all the investment teams at Henderson and all managers operate within a comprehensive and robust risk-control framework.

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