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Henderson Global Investors is a global asset manager focused on delivering excellent investment performance and service to our clients.

When Henderson was founded in 1934, the company was not named after a fund manager, an executive or an office location – rather, it was named after its first client. 80 years of continuous service have nurtured a trusting relationship with clients – and the group continues to serve the Henderson family to this day.

Henderson is now an independent asset manager with assets under management of more than £103.1bn, more than 1000 employees and offices in 19 cities around the world1. It is dual-listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Australian Securities Exchange, is a member of the ASX 100 and FTSE 250 indices, and has a market capitalisation of £2.6bn2. Henderson’s clients range from global institutions to personal investors in a variety of domestic markets worldwide.

Yet, the company still holds true to its founding principle - to provide excellent investment performance and service to clients. With investment expertise across every asset class, Henderson offers clients access to all major markets around the globe, with core capabilities in Global Equities, European Equities, Global Fixed Income, Multi-Asset and Alternatives.

1Source: Henderson Global Investors, at 31 March 2017
2Source: Henderson Global Investors, at 31 March 2017


In 1934 the world was recovering from the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression. It was also the year that Henderson was incorporated to serve the estate of Alexander Henderson, following his death on 17 March. Alexander Henderson was a stockbroker and a Member of Parliament involved in financing numerous large infrastructure projects, most notably railways. These ranged from the Great Northern Railway in Britain, to the Central Argentine Railway and the Central Uruguay Railway. A visionary and a man of principle, he was in many ways a pioneer in global investing and was created the first Lord Faringdon in 1916.

On Alexander Henderson’s death in 1934, William Brabner, a long-term business partner, created Henderson Administration – Henderson Global Investors as the group is known today - to handle the family’s assets. Henderson is proud to be named after our first client.



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