Investment trusts


Managing investment trusts since 1934

For 80 years Henderson Global Investors has been in the business of managing money invested in investment trusts. Today we look after 14 different investment trusts and investment companies with assets valued at over £5bn (Source: Association of Investment Companies, 31 Dec 2014). We invest in wide range of countries, sectors and assets to provide investors with choice, diversity and opportunity.

The value of an investment, including the income from it, can fall as well as rise. You might not get back all you invest.

What is an investment trust?
  • An investment trust is a company listed on a stock exchange that buys the shares or assets of other companies with the aim of making a return for investors
  • Each trust has a formal objective setting out its aims
  • Investment trusts are run by independent Board of Directors who appoint a fund manager to make investment decisions.
  • Shares in investment trusts can be bought easily though a share dealing service, a stockbroker and some Independent Financial Advisers.
Why use investment trusts?

Investment trusts can:

  • Be used to help meet a specific investment objective, for example capital growth or regular income
  • Diversify an existing portfolio by, for instance, investing in companies outside the UK
  • Form the basis of a long term investment plan, for example for retirement or paying off a mortgage
Benefits of investment trusts

Investment trusts can:

  • Spread risk by investing in diverse portfolios across countries and sectors
  • Use borrowing to enhance returns for investors in a rising market
  • Retain income in a 'revenue reserve' to support dividend payments in lean years
  • Investment trusts are run by independent Board who oversee the investment manager
  • The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back your investment.
  • Income from investment trusts is not guaranteed.
  • Investment trusts can use borrowing to enhance returns, but this can magnify losses in a falling market.
  • Past performance of an investment trust is not a guarantee or indicator of future performance.

Investment trusts

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