About us

Henderson Global Investors is an international investment company, with a strong reputation and a proud history, going back to 1934. We currently manage £103.1bn* and employ more than 850* members of staff worldwide.

* Henderson Global Investors at 31 March 2017

Our history and approach

Henderson Global Investors is an international investment company, with a strong reputation and a proud history, going back to 1934. We currently manage £74.7bn and employ more than 850 members of staff worldwide, of which more than 250 are investment professionals.*

As a pure asset management house, we know what investors want from us: to help them achieve their investment objectives by delivering performance that meets their expectations.

Every investment decision we take has a direct impact on our clients. We have structured ourselves in a way that puts decision-making at the heart of our business. Our fund managers are organised into compact, nimble teams of experts, empowered to make the most of any opportunity without the hindrance of a 'house style' or approval committee.

Every day, our fund managers make decisions about the investments within their portfolios. We provide them with the information, resources and the infrastructure they require. Ideas are shared, but responsibility and accountability lie firmly with the fund managers.

This culture of accountability and autonomy does not suit every type of manager. We employ those who thrive on taking responsibility. Our focus on the quality of our investment decision making means that decisions are taken in a considered way, mindful of the risks, yet alive to the opportunities. Sometimes it is best to do nothing, but even that should be a positive and considered decision rather than the result of inertia.

It is the Henderson blend of highly skilled, experienced investment professionals organised for better decision making with access to some of the best information and risk monitoring systems that makes us who we are.

With a history spanning almost 80 years, Henderson carries a heritage, values and corporate strength that our clients find reassuring. Founded in the midst of the 1930s financial crisis, Henderson has weathered every financial storm since. Today, Henderson is a lean, collaborative company with a global reach focused on delivering performance for our clients. Over the years, we have recognised that the only way to retain the trust of our clients is through the quality of our investment decisions. This insight underpins the risk-aware decisiveness that has become the Henderson hallmark.

* Henderson Global Investors at 31 March 2017

Key facts

  • £103.1bn*
  • Headquarters in London with offices across Europe, US and Asia
  • ​850 employees of which over 250 are investment professionals*
  • ​Wholly owned by Henderson Group Plc (dual listed on London Stock Exchange and Australian Securities Exchange)
  • Member of FTSE250

* Henderson Global Investors at £103.1bn

Treating customers fairly

What is TCF?

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is a core Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Principle intended to promote fair treatment of customers by regulated firms throughout the product life cycle from design to post-sales support.

Henderson Global Investors always aims:

  • ​To treat its clients fairly;
  • To ensure that client understanding and expectation of performance and service in respect of a product are satisfied; and
  • ​To embed TCF Principles within its culture and procedures so that Henderson's interests are aligned with those of its clients.

Commitment to Treating Customers Fairly

Henderson Global Investors is firmly committed to the TCF principle and has already reached the 'embedding' stage of its TCF Strategy as described by the FCA. That is to say, not only have we developed plans and processes, allocated resources and responsibilities and created capability among our staff to implement TCF, we have established the fair treatment of consumers throughout the firm on a continuous basis through our culture, business strategy, employee training, remuneration and staff behaviour.

To find out more about the FCA, its principles and its treating customers fairly initiative, please visit the FCA website.

Henderson Global Investors is not authorised to give investment advice and only provides information on Henderson products. Outcome 4 of the FCA's TCF initiative is, therefore, of limited relevance to Henderson Global Investors.

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