Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility has intrinsic value to Henderson. It is important to our clients, shareholders and employees that we engage in activities that benefit society as well as benefiting the Company. This not only builds trust and enhances our brand, but there is also evidence of a correlation between good governance and strong performance. We believe businesses that think strategically about environmental and social risks, and that are governed well, stand more chance of generating and preserving value for shareholders over the long term.

We are committed to interacting responsibly with all of our stakeholders and have built our corporate responsibility programme around five main pillars:

  • Clients
  • Responsible investment
  • Our people
  • Community
  • Environment

Our commitment and efforts in these areas have been recognised externally through continued inclusion in the DJSI Sustainability and FTSE4Good Indices and a wide range of international awards.

We focus here on our policies, activities and performance. For more information on our corporate responsibility credentials, please see our Annual Report and Accounts.


With our clients' needs at the heart of everything we do, client engagement forms a central theme of Henderson's Corporate Responsibility programme. We continue to strive to meet the expectations of our clients and their end customers, and to embed the fair treatment of customers into the firm's business model.

Treating customers fairly

Henderson believes the Treating Customers Fairly (“TCF”) initiative promoted by the FSA is embedded within the culture and procedures of the company. TCF, among other priorities, is intended to promote fair treatment of customers by regulated firms throughout the product life cycle, from design to post-sales support.

We always aim to:

  • treat our clients fairly
  • ensure that any information provided in respect of a product is clear, fair and not misleading
  • align our interests with those of our clients

Henderson has a wide ranging programme of actions designed to further embed the fair treatment of clients across our business, and we continue to monitor our products and the information we provide to clients ensuring they meet their requirements and expectations.

Client staff survey

Each year, UK staff complete a short survey to help us understand how we are doing in meeting our clients' needs and expectations. In 2015, the Customer Insights Staff Survey was extended from the UK to global offices for the first time. A high global participation rate showed excellent engagement by staff.

Business standards

We support the high standards of corporate governance contained in:

  • the Combined Code on Corporate Governance issued by the Financial Reporting Council in September 2012 (UK Code)
  • the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations with 2010 Amendments issued by the ASX Corporate Governance Council in June 2010 (ASX Principles)

Conduct towards our clients

Henderson is committed to maintaining high standards of business conduct in all our operations and activities. The Code of Conduct, which forms part of employees' contracts of employment, sets a framework within which the Directors and employees are expected to operate in the best interests of shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers.

Financial Crime

Henderson is required by its Financial Crime Policy to observe high standards of customer identification, to identify and report suspicious transactions and to ensure that relevant employees receive adequate training.

In line with the UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1988, Henderson operates procedures which enable employees to report wrongdoing or malpractice at work, commonly referred to as 'whistleblowing'. All employees are informed of this process during their induction to the Company.

Responsible investment

Our business goal is to deliver sustainable, long-term investment performance to our clients. Henderson is committed to the principles of good stewardship and responsible investment, and to being a positive influence on the companies we invest in. We believe integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues into our investment decision-making and ownership practices will help deliver better investment outcomes for our clients.

Henderson operates high standards of corporate governance and takes an active approach to voting in investee companies. Our adoption of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) creates a framework for considering ESG issues that have the potential to add value to our investment decisions.

As well as managing Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) funds where ESG issues are proactively considered, we have a Responsible Investment Policy that outlines our commitment to integrate ESG in our non-SRI equity funds.

For more information on our approach to responsible investment, please see our Responsible investment page.

Our people

We approach our responsibility to looking after our employees as proactively and carefully as we do our clients' assets. Henderson is committed to providing a positive work environment that offers equality of opportunity, supports the health and well-being of our employees, and offers a wide range of career options.

We aim to ensure our human resource policies and procedures meet best practice and fully comply with relevant employment legislation and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Henderson employees strive towards excellence, and our learning and development programmes aim to develop, attract and retain talent. We are committed to building staff share ownership and creating a reward approach that remains aligned with the interests of our clients and shareholders.

Equality and diversity

Henderson is an equal opportunities employer and has appropriate human resource policies and procedures in place to ensure employees work in an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Our policies and practices attract and retain a diverse and flexible workforce. This includes giving full and fair consideration to applications from, and the continued employment of, people with disabilities and learning difficulties.

In order to assist us in monitoring our progress on gender diversity in particular, senior management review statistics on numbers and proportions of men and women in the workplace generally. The Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group aims to ensure Henderson is attracting, developing and retaining the best people irrespective of their background.

Building upon our success to achieve greater diversity in the workplace, Henderson has signed up to the Government’s Women in Finance Charter.

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Employee consultation and involvement

Henderson's Communications Forum is an elected body representing staff where issues affecting staff can be discussed and, if needed, raised with senior management. It provides a platform for management to consult with staff and seek their views. The Communications Forum meets monthly, with the Chief Executive attending quarterly.

Regular employee briefings are carried out by senior management to provide an insight into the business. These briefings are recorded and disseminated to the global, internal audience via our intranet.

Staff survey

Employee views are sought through a staff survey and feedback from the survey results is used to identify areas for improvement.

The 2015 'pulse check' survey showed a 2% increase in our overall engagement score since 2014, up to 89%. This result was exceptionally positive, coming 14% above our financial/insurance services benchmark.

For further information on the results of our most recent staff survey, please see our Annual Report and Accounts

Recruitment and trainee schemes

Our recruitment strategy aims to identify and retain talented individuals – we look for people who are motivated, conscientious and innovative.

This includes attracting and developing emerging young talent.

Since 2010, we have operated a Trainee Scheme which identifies young individuals with high potential, offering them a 12 month position to develop their skills via a combination of formal and on-the-job training at Henderson. Trainees gain a first-hand insight into Asset Management whilst contributing to the success of the company.

Learning and development

We believe our people are our most value adding asset and that to achieve sustainable business results, our employees need to be working at their highest potential.

Our learning platform reflects our global business. Henderson offers a variety of development solutions designed to increase knowledge and understanding, and to suit individual learning styles. Training is delivered in any number of ways, through courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, 'on the job' structured programmes or executive coaching.

'Knowledge. Shared' not only applies to our interaction with clients but also at a learning and development level. We believe in learning from the diverse experiences of our colleagues as the best case studies are often within our walls. We connect our programmes to current organisational issues so our clients benefit from the combined force of the whole company.

We offer many different learning solutions:


We provide sponsorship for many professional qualifications which include financial and study support.

Leadership programmes

For our current and future leaders we have designed leadership programmes, including 'Emerging Leaders' and 'Management Essentials and Leadership'. The programmes are focused on developing high performance leadership capabilities within our top management.

Spotlight seminars

Spotlight seminars are part of an open learning programme, providing a variety of different learning formats to suit individual needs. The presentations enable employees to create connections with senior managers and gain value from their skills and talents.

Employee reward and retention

Henderson recognises and rewards performance based on an employee's contribution to the success of the business. We have a total reward approach, which includes a mix of both financial and non-financial elements.

For more information on our Remuneration policy, please see our Annual Report and Accounts.

We are committed to building staff share ownership, aligning the interests of employees with those of shareholders and allowing employees to share in the success of the company. Henderson runs a number of share schemes which employees are encouraged to join and in recent years Henderson has won awards for its effective communications and performance in fostering employee share ownership.

With an average of 10% of company shares held by staff over the past four years, staff share ownership at Henderson has remained a constant theme and validates that our people are incentivised for the long term.


Charity and volunteering

Henderson aims to encourage and support employees' philanthropic activity towards charities and causes that have a personal meaning to them as well as those selected on a corporate level. Sharing skills and knowledge is central to our community engagement activity.

The Henderson Foundation, launched in 2012, aims to support and encourage the charitable activities of our staff and clients, and will match any monies raised through general employee collections approved in advance. Henderson also allows one day's paid leave per annum for employees to undertake charitable or community work.

During 2015, we donated a total of £175,444 to community and charitable purposes and achieved a Gold Payroll Giving Quality Award for our participation rates in the Give As You Earn scheme.

Henderson believes in developing longstanding relationships with charities and has supported the East London charity Community Links since 1987. We continue to develop this relationship, together with the Disasters Emergency Committee, who we automatically support any appeal with a £10,000 donation. In the US, we work with Mercy Homes and Hunger Task Force, and in 2015, the teaching hospital Angkor Hospital for Children was selected as our nominated charity in Asia.

Promoting social mobility is high on our community engagement agenda, encouraging volunteering by teams and individuals. We host financial education days for local students, under the RedSTART initiative and work with the City of London's programme, City Action, to promote Investment 2020 and the Henderson Trainee Programme at a range of schools, universities and charities.

Suppliers and service providers

We work with suppliers and contractors who deliver their products and services in line with our corporate responsibility aspirations. We are committed to ensuring external contractors work under appropriate terms and conditions.

Henderson is conscious of the impact its procurement policies can have on the environment and so we have a number of initiatives in place to support our corporate responsibility aspirations:

  • the procurement of 100% recycled paper for all photocopy, printer and business requirements
  • a regular review of our supply chain to ensure deliveries are managed as efficiently as possible
  • a regular review of supply partners to ensure no conflict between the Group's environmental objectives and their operational policies


Henderson understands the important role that a business must play in managing and limiting its environmental impact. This is an important factor when considering how we invest, and we believe it is important that we lead by example. We strive to take great care in the operation of our business and focus on ensuring that we operate sustainable business practices.

Climate change

To minimise any adverse impact, we operate a three-tiered approach to the managing and limiting our environmental impact.

We aim to:

  • reduce emissions by active management of energy consumption, business travel and waste minimisation programmes
  • switch to renewable energy sources where possible
  • offset unavoidable emissions by operating a formal carbon offset programme, thereby maintaining a Carbon Neutral® status

Our total Green House Gas (GHG) emissions were 5,800 tCO²ₑ in 2015.

Carbon emissions

Henderson's GHG emissions management strategy is based on a 'measure, manage, reduce and offset' approach.

Our Carbon Emissions Report detailing the global carbon emissions used during 2015, will be published here in April 2016. Our GHG emissions data sources for scopes 1, 2 and 3 are verified by the Temple Group.

Environmental initiatives and awareness

As part of Henderson's commitment to controlling our environmental impact as effectively as possible, we encourage staff to engage in and support the recycling and travel reduction schemes we have in place – to support the schemes and check on our progress. We also have training and awareness programmes for support staff and contractors involved in waste management.

Henderson is an active member of a number of regional and global environmental groups including the City of London Environmental Best Practice Group.

Waste minimisation and management

Henderson considers waste to be a significant emission source. It is particularly material at our London office where we work with our building management directly to reduce the production of waste and to increase recycling. We monitor the waste generated and treated at each of our offices, and are committed to recycling wherever possible.

We calculate the associated GHG emissions from our waste generation and treatment for offsetting purposes.

The Lord Mayor of London's Clean City Awards Scheme is an initiative set up by the corporation of London to minimise waste in the City. Henderson has been participating in the Scheme since 2003 and has received an award every year since and in 2013 Henderson's London office received the 2013 Chairman's Cup.

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