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Stock statistics

Company name: Henderson Group plc

ListingUnited KingdomAustralia
Stock ExchangeLSEASX
StockOrdinary sharesCHESS Depositary Interests (CDIs)
IndexFTSE 250ASX 100
SectorGeneral financialDiversified financials
Stock codeHGGHGG
Date listed¹23-Dec-0323-Dec-03

¹ In October 2008, Henderson Group created a new holding company incorporated in Jersey.

Issued share capital - 31 March 2017

Ordinary sharesCDI'sTotal

Shares and CDIs

Henderson Group (formerly HHG PLC) shares were issued in December 2003, when the Group demerged from AMP. If you were an AMP shareholder at that time, depending on where you lived, you would have received one of the following:

  • Henderson Group Ordinary Shares
  • Henderson Group CHESS Depositary Interests
Where did you live?Henderson Group security you would have received
UK, Ireland, France or the Channel IslandsHenderson Group Ordinary Shares on the LSE
Australia, New Zealand, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada (the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario only), Egypt, Hong Kong, Monaco, Papua New Guinea, Singapore or TaiwanHenderson Group CHESS Depositary Interests (CDIs) on the ASX

If you were an AMP shareholder at the time with a registered address outside the above listed countries, you were deemed to be ineligible to receive Henderson Group shares. Henderson Group shares that would have otherwise have been issued to you were sold and the proceeds paid to you by cheque as soon as practicable after the demerger date. Contact the Henderson Group Share Registry for more details.

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