US election result: implications for investors

US Presidential Election

Henderson's investment teams have been providing their views during the US presidential election campaign. They now assess the implications of President Trump taking up his position in the White House.

​Tech under Trump: implications for investors

von Stuart O'Gorman

vor 5 monaten

Stuart O’Gorman, Director of Technology Equities, discusses what Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election may mean for technology stocks.

US election reaction: a surprise win for the 45th US President

von Mitul Patel

vor 6 monaten

Mitul Patel, Head of Interest Rates at Henderson, explains the reaction in the markets to the surprise election victory for Donald Trump.

How will President Trump impact on US-China relations?

von Charlie Awdry

vor 6 monaten

Charlie Awdry, China equities manager, comments on the potential implications of Donald Trump’s victory on China’s economy and political relations with the US.

US election reaction: neutral equities, negative bonds, positive US dollar?

von Simon Ward

vor 6 monaten

​Simon Ward, Chief Economist, reacts to Trump’s victory and the likely economic and financial impact of a Republican President and Congress.

US election reaction: impact on Asian equities

von Andrew Gillan

vor 6 monaten

​Andrew Gillan, Head of Asia (ex Japan) Equities, explains the potential implications of the Trump victory for Asian equity markets in the short and longer term.


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