Why work for us?

Why work for us?

Making the most of your career

At Henderson Global Investors you have the opportunity to work alongside professionals in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

We employ approximately 950 staff internationally in offices across Europe, Asia and North America of which 700 staff are based at our London headquarters.

Our interests are closely aligned to those of our clients and shareholders. We offer clients a wide range of funds and employ committed professionals to support our clients' business needs.

We are a forward thinking and entrepreneurial meritocracy that actively supports its employees. Essentially – we are results driven.

We believe in clear and open communication channels and flat management structures to encourage free thinking, enabling decisions to be made with speed and accuracy. Employees work in an innovative and autonomous environment that encourages responsibility and accountability for actions and decisions taken.

Our environment is one of mutual trust, respect and teamwork where you are free to air ideas and voice opinions. We aim to maintain an intellectual, robust and stimulating environment.

We strive to be the best and this has been recognised by a number of industry awards and independent accreditations we have received for innovation, technology, products and performance.

We also believe in striking a work life balance and therefore make a commitment to working smart and making time for personal activities.


Your learning is important to us

Henderson is committed to developing its employees. In return we expect our employees to be engaged and self-motivated. We offer development opportunities that will expand and enhance your current skill sets and prepare employees for future career progression.

Development opportunities can span from sourcing quick, bespoke training to long term career planning solutions.

Performance management is critical to our training and development service. Completion of annual performance objectives and appraisals is compulsory. These objectives define delivery for the performance year and also identify areas of development required to help individuals build on areas of strength and seek training solutions for areas that require more development. Our Training & Development team place great emphasis on working closely with managers to ensure the learning is relevant to the job and to help create career opportunities in the future.

We offer a variety of development solutions delivered in a number of ways to increase knowledge and awareness to suit individual learning styles, e.g. courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, 'on the job' structured programmes and executive coaching.

We provide sponsorship for many professional qualifications which include financial and study support. In addition, we monitor study progression and provide extra support by means of further tutorials, encouragement of mock exams, designated peers and projects to make the learning more real and to help individuals convert theory into practice.

We have a selection of specialist providers that assist with the design, development and delivery of training programmes that suit Henderson and employee needs.

We also seek to find alternatives should there be a course or area of interest not readily available. Guidance and support is offered to identify training needs at all levels.

Whilst our training and development offering is comprehensive we constantly review development needs to ensure we have the right capability at the right time.


Making the most of your reward

In order to attract, retain and motivate our employees, Henderson offers a comprehensive range of competitive benefits and performance-based compensation. Our remuneration philosophy is to provide a competitive total reward package. This encompasses a number of monetary and non-monetary benefits.

Our reward strategy is designed to optimise Company and individual performance. A key component of this strategy is to offer a range of share incentive schemes. Employee share schemes are an important factor as they align the interests of the employee with that of shareholders and allow employees to share in the success of Henderson.

In addition to our current suite of benefits, we take pride in being one of the first in the market in implementing innovative remuneration schemes, for example, the Henderson Buy As You Earn Plan i.e. for every share you purchase in the plan, Henderson give you two matching shares at no cost to you,* and launching a Group Self Invested Personal Pension.

We have interactive tools that help employees determine how they could potentially benefit from various benefits. We provide links to shareholding websites and regular updates to employees which enable employees to appreciate the value of their total remuneration package.

* Subject to the current terms and conditions of the scheme.

Diverse and Inclusive

Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are important to Henderson. We know that having a diverse and inclusive workplace will support our strategic vision of growth and globalisation. Employing individuals with wider perspectives and from a broader skills base will lead to a more dynamic, innovative, responsive organisation in touch with changes and developments in our working environment.

EDI has a positive impact on our ability to attract and retain the best talent by creating a culture that values difference and embraces diversity of thought that comes from attracting and retaining employees from many different backgrounds. We aim to foster an inclusive culture that develops and promotes employees based on their capabilities and does not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment.

In order to further our EDI agenda, Henderson has Diversity and Inclusion Forum, made up of representatives from across the business, which reports to the Henderson Diversity Steering Committee. The Committee consists of members of ExCo and the Global Head of Human Resources. The Forum’s specific purpose is to act as a forum for discussion and consideration of equality, diversity and inclusion matters across the Henderson Group. The Forum also advises the Committee on a suggested programme of work in the diversity and inclusion space, and ways of promoting the diversity and inclusion agenda within the Group.

Further information can be found at the following link: Corporate Responsibility

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